Creating an Arsenal

At one point in time, Detroit was known as the "Arsenal of Democracy" because we manufactured and produced vehicles, equipment, and munitions that kept our country going during World War II.  The hard work, innovation, and willingness to sacrifice for the greater good is a spirit that is still alive in the city today.  Those same ideals are needed today to fight a different kind of war and it is one that is affecting us all.  It is the war on our health. 

This war has taken shape in many different forms and we are losing the battles on multiple fronts.  We are becoming the least healthy generation; struggling with obesity, heart disease, cancer, as well as behavioral and mental health issues.  We are still losing veterans to suicide at a staggering rate every day.  In losing these battles, we are losing our hope...hope for a better life, hope for a better tomorrow.  These are battles that we can win.

Our goal is create an Arsenal of Hope that will help educate the community and fellow veterans on how to truly be healthy, to empower them to live a healthy lifestyle, and to help them achieve the things that they never thought were possible.  




I came up with the idea of Arsenal of Hope after years of sitting on the sideline wanting to make a difference, but not really sure how I fit into the game.  I have been a lot of things in my life, an athlete, a warfighter, an engineer, a coach, a mentor, a clinician, and the thing that I am the most proud of, a father.  My journey has been a little different than most, but it is that path that led me to where I am today.  My hope is, through sharing my insights and experiences, that I will be able to reach and connect with people on their journey and to help them find their way.