Parsimony is defined by Miriam Webster as follows:

Definition of parsimony

1a :the quality of being careful with money or resources: thrift

  • the necessity of wartime parsimony

b :the quality or state of being stingy 

  • The charity was surprised by the parsimony of some larger corporations.

2:economy in the use of means to an end; especially :economy of explanation in conformity with Occam's Razor.

For the intents and purposes of today, I will refer to #2.  Occam's Razor in it's most rudimentary form is with all things being equal, the simplest explanation is the usually the correct one.  

We make our lives complicated, but it doesn't have to be.  On the podcast yesterday, I talked about the importance of micro routines versus regular routines.  I want to reinforce that today.  There are some pretty simple solutions out there for some of the issues out there that we are facing.  I am speaking in terms of creating and maintaining lifestyle changes.  Are you suffering from chronic pain, struggling to lose weight, lacking self-confidence, or trying to figure out what your place in the world is?  

I have been there and it's taken me a lot of attempts and failures to get to where I am now.  When I wake up now and I'm sore, it's because I pushed myself in a workout, I have lost over 115 lbs this past year which goes hand in hand with my confidence, and as far as finding my place in the world, well, that remains to be seen, but I am able to be a better father and husband now and I hope that my journey will bring hope to people who have been in my shoes.  

If there was one factor or simplest answer that has helped me solve my problem it's carbohydrates.  (I know I preached that it's never just one thing, it's the sum total of several things that leads to change, so bear with me, I'm going some where with this.)  For me, I have been pretty well versed in nutrition and dietetics, I've gone so far as publishing a nutrition and hydration protocol that I created and used with an Olympic Development team that won a national championship.  However, this knowledge was based on research and accumulated on the same pretense that is behind the nutritional group think that is causing our obesity and heart disease pandemic and has made over 100 million people in the U.S. diabetic or pre-diabetic.  

If you have followed the website's "guide to change" you are familiar with creating an echo chamber.  For me, as I sat in my echo chamber and I listened to people who are experts in the field, MD's and PhD's who are not just publishing research, but are also helping people change, I felt that I needed to explore the idea of going low carb, high fat.  That's when I started the Ketogenic Diet.  Flash forward almost a year and I don't do a strict keto diet, but I definitely stay low carb...most days around 25g of carbs.  With all of the training I've been doing, I've been experimenting with 50g-100g some days.  I started with my Occam's Razor, which was carbohydrates and their role in my life.  There's so much research on this on PubMed that you can get lost for days.  A great book it Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf.  He talks about the variability that carbs can have on different people.  It's a great resource and I recommend it.  There's a link to it on our Gear page.  

Once I realized the role that carbs played in my life, it has led me to new things that I didn't think were possible.  I wasn't exercising when I started the Keto diet, but I started to again.  My echo chamber helped me find new and alternative activities and training, which is why I started looking into Ultra Running and why this has turned into something that I am trying.  I have started exploring other training styles like Gymnastics Body training (I'm not affiliated with them, but I have started one of their foundation's programs and I really like it).  Also, the reduction of carbs and increasing fat has helped my chronic pain and other issues that I have dealt with as a result of my time in the army; specifically my PTS/TBI.  If you're skeptical, do your due diligence and get PubMed or Google Scholar and look up ketogenic diet and chronic pain, or low carb and PTSD or any combination and you will find a lot of research showing that low carb high fat living can help treat/manage/cure all sorts of conditions that are facing not just the veteran population, but community and public health.  

So moving into the holiday season, my challenge to you is to start your echo chamber and start learning about alternative nutrition and physical activity options.  On the creating an echo chamber section of the website, there are some resources to get you started. 

The holidays should always be a time of hope.  If you have lost yours, let us help you find it.  If you are interested in health coaching or getting started, please contact us here in the contact section or on social media.