With the reality of my first ultra race staring me in the face, I have begun to ramp up my training.  I have been trying to fit in two a day training into my day, which has begun to pose various problems for me.  I am in the middle of a launch, so work is pretty hectic and I'm trying to figure out what dietary changes that I need to accommodate this new work load.  I have been following a pretty strict 18/6 intermittent fasting program as well as an extremely low carb diet and I have noticed that I have been inadvertently creating a pretty substantial caloric deficit.  

If you follow a ketogenic diet and a time restricted eating schedule, this is a fairly common pitfall.  I discussed this on yesterday's podcast, so I won't really talk about that today.  What I want to discuss is headwind.  In order to fit in my daily training, I have to run at and around work.  The way that the terrain and buildings are situated, it creates a lot of channels for wind.  As I was running yesterday, I felt like I was running into wind tunnel and as I was thinking about my previous runs, I was thinking how that it always feels like I'm running into a headwind, regardless of the direction that I'm heading. 

I was about four miles out and I was at my turn around point and I was almost feeling a little discouraged about heading back into a strong headwind; I was off pace and I just wasn't feeling that great.  It was at that point when a thought came back into my mind from when I was in the army feeling the burden of an extended ruck march...."just keep putting your right foot in front of your left foot".  And that's what I did.  Without realizing it, my pace had picked up to where I wanted to be and I was heading back into that headwind.  I wasn't thinking about anything, just putting my right foot in front of my left and I even changed my route back and added an extra mile or so to the run.   

In life, headwind presents itself in many different ways.  Sometimes it's an insurmountable task at work, finding time to get everything done and sometimes it's making hard choices with our diet and lifestyle...at times it can be dealing with personal tragedy.  When those times come, just keep putting your right foot in front of your left foot.  If you keep doing that, you can get through any headwind.