Every Situation is Learning Opportunity

One of the great by-products of expressing daily gratitude (using an app or journal; eg. Headspace or 5 Minute Journal) is that it helps keep you grounded and humble.  This has helped me look at every opportunity as another chance to learn...here's a specific example.  My wife has decided to try out a ketogenic diet.  I'm very proud of her for this because she was resistant of it for a long time because of traditional nutritional group think that is taught in the medical education and continued into the medical field.  Ironically enough, she was familiar with the ketogenic diet because of the role it plays in oncology and she knew the positive role that it played in the treatment of cancer.  Sometimes though, it's hard to make the transition from what will work in one area and applying it to another area with the same degree of success.  I am guilty of that as well.  

So we were talking the yesterday and she was telling me about several "Keto" Facebook groups that she has joined.  She really enjoys them and she learns more from them, than anything that I have said or podcasts that I have sent her to listen to.  (My mom also has told her how much she doesn't like the podcasts that I recommend as well)  Then it dawned on me, I am a science and data snob.  I am skeptical of all information from these groups, until I can "validate" them.  My attitude about this has been so wrong and I need to change my approach.  

I talk about creating an echo chamber as a means for change and I recommend podcasts and books and literature because that's what worked for me.  These Facebook groups are also an echo chamber and they have helped my wife choose to embrace a low-carb high fat approach to eating.  Yes, she has seen the results that I have had, but what also speaks to her are other woman going who have gone through these positive changes and the sharing of ideas and recipes.  

So I still remain skeptical of the things that I see, but at the end of the day, the information doesn't have to be precise if I am bracketing my approach.  I stopped looking at all health metrics and focused only on my macro ratios; specifically carbs.  That wouldn't pass in a scientific, peer-reviewed journal, but that doesn't matter because I was looking to change, not publish findings.  

Whatever you need to do to form your echo chamber...Blogs, Podcasts, Books, Facebook groups...do it.  Create your echo chamber and be open to new ideas!