Paying Back the Deposed King of Nigeria

So I was just checking my podcast analytics and the majority of my listeners are in the U.S.  I'm ok with that because a lot of what I'm trying to do is reaching the veteran community, which is largely in the U.S.  So it came as a surprise to me when I was looking at my podcast analytics to discover that I have a listening base in Nigeria.  I have no doubt that it is the deposed King of Nigeria who has offered to send me hundreds of thousands of dollars in the mid-2000's.  I have always been in strong opposition to him and have been in favor of his exile, so it's a little weird to see that he is one of my (assumed) listeners.  

Podcast Analytics.JPG

It looks like I need to diversify my audience....

With that being said, I am still waiting for the King to send me my $10,000 check.