Make a Note....

Five Minute Journal...White Board...Post-It Notes...Trapper Keeper...whatever your vessel of choice is, it is a necessity to keep us on track.  As I have previously discussed, writing down our goals, micro and macro, is one of the most effective ways to keep us on track.  For me, I write down my long-term goals and then I start to map out the process I need to get there.  So setting both macro and micro goals.  It doesn't have to be very detailed, in my experience the details will work themselves out in the process.  

When I set a weight loss goal, that amount of weight that I am trying to lose is the macro goal.  Setting the micro goals is how I get there.  When I started I would write out the macronutrient ratio that I wanted to stick to, the supplements/vitamins that I needed to take, and when I would eat(if I was doing intermittent fasting).  As this became habit, I switched from writing this down daily, to doing it once a week; usually on Monday mornings.  

The same was with my training and exercise.  I do use a specific running plan now, but when I started, I would write down what I wanted to do that day and then I would do it when I was able to fit it in.  Now I will set my training goals at the beginning of the week and base them around my running schedule.  My non-running workouts mainly consist of mobility work and I try to incorporate a push, pull, press, squat, and lunge.  Some days I will throw in some more specific exercises if I feel that I need them, but for the most part, I keep it pretty simple.

I use the same process at work.  I will write down whatever it is I'm working on and then break it down into smaller tasks.  It's a easy and effective way to increase productivity.  This is nothing that is ground breaking or innovative, but it is a proven method.  If you are struggling with maintaining your resolutions and or staying focused on your goals, get a pen and paper and start making notes.

"Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right." —Henry Ford