There are a lot of reasons why I don't like pre-planned life change programs.  You know the ones...90 day fix or 60 days to be the best version of you or 21 day solution.  For legal reasons, I'm not calling any particular one out by name and I think that they can even be beneficial in their own way.  For me though, it doesn't allow for a lot of experimentation or trial and error.  The structure of the programs can be good for people, but at the same time, when you are unable to adhere to it, it can derail you.  The other thing is that the time allowed might not be long enough for the body to make the promised or expected physiological changes.  

I am rapidly approaching the one year mark since I have adopted a keto lifestyle.  I have also hit a plateau.  For me, I understand that there are several reasons for this and so I am trying to understand why.  I have gone back to my process of recording what I eat and drink with MFP to see if it is what I'm eating.  I'm also in the process of getting a new blood ketone meter, so I can make a focused effort to tracking those metrics.  Additionally, I have upped my training, so my weekly mileage can vary from 55 to 75 miles a week.  If I was just shooting from the hip, I would wager to say that I am not eating enough, but I'm going to go through my process and experiment to see.  I will also look at the my macro ratios eventually to see if I should tinker with those.  

In addition to exploring my nutrition, I plan on experimenting with actual training.  Right now, I am following just a general ultra marathon training program.  I find it helpful and it's fun to experiment with pushing myself at different paces; half marathon, marathon, and race pace.  It's been a fun way to push myself mentally and physically.  As the year goes on, I will alter my training between races or probably two races.  What I mean by that after my next race, I will switch from running 5-6 days a week, with a little mobility work and very little resistance training, to only running 3-4 days a week, with more focus on strength training.  My plan is to play around and experiment throughout the year and see what results I get.  

I do know that as I continue to lose weight and build my "cardio" base, race times will get faster, so I wouldn't feel comfortable saying one method is preferred over another until I level out, which could take over a year.  So we will see.  The beauty of this whole thing is the process and learning about how you react to different things.  This is how we create long term change and we cease to be working towards a lifestyle goal and start to enjoy our lifestyle.