A New Vision

So for the loyal followers of the blog, you might have wondered where we’ve been for the past four months or so…I will catch you up to speed, but first, I would like to apologize for the lack of content. So, for the quick recap, I ran three Ultras, one full marathon, one half marathon, a few 5k and 10k races and I have determined a new direction for Arsenal of Hope.

As we kick off 2019, it took me a month or so to really reflect on what I accomplished in 2018. Running one Ultramarathon a month was probably not the best thing considering my lack of training, but I proved to myself that anything is possible when we have the right mindset for the task…it also helps to have the right tools.

In terms of Arsenal of Hope…it’s been a long journey into trying to define what we are…the goal was to bring hope to those who have lost it, but that is so broad in scope that it was hard to pinpoint our target, aside from the Veteran community. As I have gone through my journey of transformation; weight loss, mental clarity, running ultra distance races, and finding myself looking for new challenges to embrace, it got me going back to one ideal. I was able to do the unimaginable and run one ultramarathon a month with almost no preparation. I was able to do this through diet and lifestyle choices, as well as the fact that my background and education is in human performance. Before I entered the field of engineering, I worked clinically in rehabilitation, as well as in coaching and sports performance. I had the tools and knowledge in how to keep myself injury free and moving. I have helped people learn how to walk again and to find hope through applying movement science into their particular needs so they could, not only achieve their goals, but go further than they ever thought was possible. I gave a lot of people hope, but I never truly applied those ideals to myself. Nearly a decade later I did and I achieved something pretty amazing. I want to apply those ideas and principles to Arsenal of Hope, which is why our new purpose is to provide free health coaching, post-rehab training, and adaptive sports coaching for veterans.

Why post-rehab training? Often times in physical therapy, doctors and PT’s only focus on a problem area and do not look at the person as a whole and in chronic issues, the problem might not be the problem area at all, just a result of another area or imbalance. Additionally, doctors and PT’s have a limited amount of time to interact with the patient and there are usually constraints on amount of visits placed on PT’s by insurance companies. In my experience, being able to spend time and form relationships leads to a better understanding of, not only the condition, but the person as well. When these relationships are formed, you have a greater likelihood of educating and empowering the person to know and understand what the root cause of their problem is and ensuring that the issues are resolved permanently.

There is one more area that we are looking for Arsenal of Hope. I call it “the Green Team”. I have been able to inspire people, both veteran and not, to get out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves to try things that they consider to be extreme. I want to keep that same idea going with the Green Team. We will be looking to put together a group of Veterans who want to try challenges that defy their disabilities and inspire others to take action…this can be in the form of ultra-running, strength and fitness challenges (strongman or CrossFit style competitions), or it can be something esoteric and random like attempting to set a record in chariot racing or horseback archery.

In my attempt to run one ultra a month for 2018, I was fortunate enough to have sponsors who helped me accomplish that task because the logistics of it all can be cost prohibitive. The goal with the Green Team is to be able to mitigate those costs and logistical issues, as well as provide the training and coaching to make sure that the goals can be accomplished.

I’m looking forward to what’s in store for us in 2019.

Now get after it!