Creating an echo chamber

It's hard to change and contrary to popular belief, most people aren't supportive of these changes.  Even the ones we are closest to.  This doesn't mean that our loved ones don't love us, it just means that whether they realize it or not, they aren't really equipped to help us out.  They either don't understand what you're, why you're doing it, or they want to share their opinion on how to do it better.  Most of the the time, those opinions are unqualified and end up detracting us or distracting us.  So we want to create an environment that will reinforce the changes that we are going to make by immersing ourselves with healthy and positive one way conversations...yes I said one way conversations.  I do this by way of podcasts and audiobooks.  Audible has been a great resource for me because of my work and life schedule, I seldom have time to just sit and read, so I put on a book and I have that while I'm driving, working, or doing whatever projects around the house need to be done.  The same goes for podcasts.  I'm going to share a list of podcasts that I listen to that are apart of my echo chamber.  We also have an Arsenal of Hope podcast that we hope you are listening to as well.  This list is not exclusive and I have no affiliation with them, I just recommend them.  Some are healthy lifestyle and some are just things that I find interesting.  For me, once I created my echo chamber, it made my personal journey a lot easier and even though I do not know any of these people, I feel like I do and thus it's given me a whole anonymous support structure.

Primal Blueprint

Found my Fitness

Revolution Health Radio

Livin la vida low carb

Paleo Solution

Ben Greenfield

Tim Ferris Show

The Joe Rogan Experience

Fasting Talk

The Jocko Podcast

Nourish Balance Thrive

So this is by no means the only podcasts you should listen to and this is only a selection of the podcasts that I listen to.  This is more of a reference or starting point for you to create your own echo chamber.