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Finding your Why

Sometimes finding your why is easy; losing weight, being around for kids, or just being a better you.  Sometimes it's not as cut and dry.  That's ok...if you don't know why your doing it right away, you will find something along the way.  

When I started my journey, the only thing I knew was that I needed to change and that was it.  My echo chamber is what helped me find my direction.  It was how I discovered the ketogenic diet and stopped looking at it like a fad diet and looking into the science behind it.  It is what led me to look at the role of carbohydrates in our diet and the effects of a carb heavy diet on us as whole.  My echo chamber helped push me into creating a website and podcast and to try to do something extraordinary to help inspire hope and change in people.  

This process doesn't happen overnight, but it will.  Once you are a healthier person, you will be open to things that you never thought you could do and you will find your why.